As a Polish partner of a German consulting company, we conducted a project to acquire a food producer. The role of Planner was (together with the German clients - an industry investor) to prepare the process and its implementation. In particular, strategy, creating a target base, reaching owners, verifying expectations, supervising the DD process, deal design, negotiations, valuation, closing.

Advice on the buyer's side. The investor contacted us at the stage of analyzing a specific offer. The order consisted in supporting the development of the strategy and supporting the investment process. The scope of activities included supervision, conducting the purchase process and commissioning of the plant. A business analysis of the project was performed. The research included the technical condition of the real estate, legal analysis, real estate appraisal as well as interviews with banks and financial investors. After completing the analyses, negotiations with the seller were conducted. Due to the high risk, the Investor did not submit a binding offer. The investor chose another option to increase production capacity.

The project was carried out in cooperation with a German partner company. Our client - a company with a turnover of EUR 12 million and 70 vehicles - struggled with the problem of succession. Our role was to prepare the strategy and find buyers. After a few talks with potential investors, the client decided on a management buyout. We supported the client in terms of talks with banks, valuation and HR.

Our role was to support the Polish investor in the acquisition of companies in DACH and Scandinavia. The scope of services included (while maintaining the anonymity of the process): reaching the acquisition targets in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, verification of intentions and motivation to talk about the M&A process, analysis of acquisition goals, gathering and verification of information about the company and business analysis. The other stages of the M&A process were carried out by the investor himself.

Cross-border project. Advice for the buyer and seller. Our client - a Czech family transport company, was looking for a buyer for a long time due to its willingness to leave the industry and relocate capital. Our client, a German family business, was looking for a way to strengthen its position. The role of Planner was to associate both companies and moderate negotiations, deal design, valuation of the acquired company and a merger plan. The project was made in cooperation with Czech partners.

Our client was the seller - a Polish company from the logistics industry, which lost liquidity due to the lack of customer diversification. Our task was to anonymously reach potential industry investors and choose the best offer (in this case submitted the fastest). The remainder of the transaction was carried out by the foreign investor's M&A team. The transaction was completed in 2 months.

Cross-border project. An investor from the construction industry intended to create a branch in Eastern Europe. Three scenarios were taken into account: setting up a new company, buying a company or joint venture with an industry partner. The aim of the project was to obtain a site for prefabrication of elements and to support the workforce. Finally, the investor decided on long-term cooperation with 2 companies. The scope of our activities included a long list of acquisition targets, as well as reaching out with a proposal for talks, talks and negotiations. Once again, the company's research strategy through cooperation proved successful. After 4 years of good cooperation, a controlling share of one of the co-operators was taken over. Our role in the second stage was to provide substantive and organizational support.

The investor (+250 million PLN, 130 employees) intended to strengthen its position through acquisitions. The project included a comprehensive process. Eight acquisition targets were analyzed. Ultimately, there were two transactions, in both cases an organized part of the enterprise was acquired. The remaining goals of the acquisition, due to exorbitant price expectations and unrealistic conditions, were not met. Our role was to reach and verify the intentions of the acquisition goals, collect and analyze information on the goals of the acquisition, develop a common position, supervise and support the due diligence process, support negotiations and close the transaction.

Planner handled the sale of shares in a Polish company from the IT industry. The owners wanted to find a foreign investor. The activities were aimed at the German market. The scope of services included company valuation, strategy preparation, preparation of documentation for each stage of the process, acquiring and talking to investors, moderating and negotiating, closing. A German industry investor has acquired a controlling share.

Due to the lack of heirs, our client asked for a company valuation and an analysis of the company's sales opportunities. The role of Planner was to make a valuation and preliminary talks with clients from our database. Finally, the client sold the company to its long-term subcontractors.

A German manufacturer of specialized devices and robots was looking for a possibility to transfer production from Germany. The strategy assumed the purchase of a company or a greenfield investment. Our role was to create a strategy, reach the goals of the acquisition, and verify the feasibility and profitability of the acquisition. Our client chose the option of creating a new company. We searched for the right property, guided the client through the process of establishing a new company, buying the property, rebuilding and expanding the factory, HR of key employees and supporting the organization. Cooperation with the investor continues to this day on other projects.

Building a sales market in DACH for a Polish company from the power hydraulics industry. As part of the project, a network of recipients of high-margin services was built.

Our client - a Polish transport company (80 sets) came to our partner company in Germany. She urgently needed an industry investor. The company was in serious trouble and was on the verge of losing liquidity. Our German partner company had investors interested in this industry in its database. Finally, one of the investors took over the company in an asset deal transaction after practically one-day negotiations. The planner was responsible for the organizational and substantive side of the above-mentioned process.

The German investor from the meat industry planned to launch production in Poland. Some of the employees were to support the plant in Germany. The project assumed the takeover of a functioning plant or possibly a greenfield investment. Our role was to reach the goals of the acquisition and verify their intentions, collect and analyze information about the companies, develop a common position, supervise and support the due diligence process, support negotiations and close the transaction. The investor has acquired a minority stake.

A German investor planned to establish a branch in Poland. The strategy was to buy a working company or set up a new company. Planner conducted the process of searching and selecting a potential acquisition target. Ultimately, Planner became a subcontractor of recruitment services.

Немецкий отраслевый инвестор рассматривал возможность покупки или строительства домов престарелых в Польше. Подготовлено анализ рынка и технико-экономическое обоснование проекта. Из-за нехватки персонала инвестор отказался.

The client was looking for an industry investor. Our role was to prepare documentation, reach out to investors and hold talks. There were talks with several investors, none of them decided to take further steps.

The client - an industry investor (manufacturer of components for the Automotive industry, mechanical engineering, power hydraulics) was looking for opportunities to increase production capacity. The client considered investing in eastern Germany or Poland. Planner, as a partner company, was responsible for the implementation of tasks in Poland. Scope of activity: searching for acquisition goals, verification of the intentions and attractiveness of the offer, initial DD, negotiations with the goals of the acquisition, cooperation with the investor in the analysis of the collected information. Ultimately, the investor bought a plant in eastern Germany. The decisive factors in the selection of the eastern federal states were the location of the main recipients, large government support and local administration support.

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