We help investors and owners who are determined or are considering selling / buying an enterprise, its organized part or wanting to merge into one organization.
In a competitive and constantly changing market, mergers and acquisitions are the fastest way to achieve strategic goals.
M&A is a complex, multi-stage process. We tell our clients the truth. The correct merger and acquisition process is hard work and requires compliance with the rules, such as the principles of multi-layered risk analysis.
Our services are targeted at clients who do not have necessary time or expertise required to run M&A process.
We advise at every stage of the process: Preparation phase: idea, analysis, planning and preparation of documentation: Implementation phase: conducting the process, negotiations, closing: Post-transaction phase: integration of structures, HR support
Purchase of a company
Buying a business is a mind game.
Have do we properly assess synergy and benefits of transactions? Do we understand the investment well? Are we able to write it on one sheet of paper? What target areas should be explored first? When to do full due diligence? How to reduce risk?
“Who works all day, has no time to make money”
John D. Rockefeller
M&A solutions will work when:
You want to gain access to the market at home or abroad
You want to increase your market share, and organic growth does not allow you to take the leading position
You are looking for access to new technologies, new competences, new team
Building the organization and team takes too long
You are looking for new products and distribution channels
Strategic customers expect services / products from you in a new location / country
You are looking for synergies at different levels
You participate in an industry that is no longer as profitable and you want to diversify your business
How can we help you?
Support at every stage of the process
Market analysis
Valuation of company
Joint creation of a strategy and action plans
Verification of the acquisition entities' talks readiness
Building a comfortable position to take the decision
Transaction preparation
Conducting the process, negotiations, closing
Post-transaction phase: integration of structures, support in the HR process
“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind”
Winston Churchill
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    “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”
    Henry Ford
    Sale of a company
    Do you know that many potential investors are interested in the trade secrets of your company, not in buying it?
    The consequences of an ill-considered attempt to sell can have a negative impact on the company's condition.
    When should you consider M&A activities?
    You want / need to sell the company
    You need to focus your resources and time on a key business
    You own a company with several business profiles, and some divisions pull the others down
    You are trapped in an organization's growth without any value increase
    You can't develop a business
    You have no successor
    You want to cash in on your life achievements
    You are afraid that the transfer of shares to successors will lead to problems
    Your industry is consolidating, competition is getting stronger so you are looking for an investor / partner with whom you will achieve strategic goals
    Your business is failing
    The industry in which you operate ceases to be profitable
    You must sell assets or a department as part of restructuring or changing strategy
    How can we help you?
    We will reach potential investors while maintaining confidentiality
    We will verify the investor's intentions
    We advise on securing the business secrets of your company
    We will propose actions that guarantee discretion within the company and on the market
    We will tell you how to prepare your company for sale
    Valuation of company
    We will prepare all necessary documentation for proper implementation of the process
    We will manage the process and will answer all questions in regards to price and more
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      * NDA - confidentiality agreement, which obliges to exchange confidential materials or knowledge, subject to their further non-distribution
      “Who can not look ahead has close problems”
      Support in the M&A process
      M&A processes involves time and attention.
      We offer support when:
      Your business requires daily commitment from you or your key employees
      You lack time and experience in M&A
      You need a team member to conduct DD
      You are a member of the Supervisory Board and you need to check the reliability of the Management Board's recommendations
      Contact us and see how we can help you.
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        Foreign Market / Cooperation
        Entering the product / services on a foreign market & Cooperation
        Are you planning to enter a new market?
        Are you planning foreign expansion and cooperation is to be a recognition of the market?
        There is an activity in the market that you want to take over, but you care about starting cooperation earlier to examine the business?
        Check how we can support you.