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We help in conducting aware and safe merger and acquisition processes

What we do ?
We support our clients at every stage, i.e. from the idea, through the preparation and conduct of the process, to the closing of the transaction and in the post-transaction phase.
How we can help?
It is the customer who decides what role he entrusts to us. We can be an intermediary, advisor or contractor for all or part of the process.
What does the cooperation look like?
We do not help all companies. Each collaboration begins with an analysis. We try to understand the business and the situation well. Together with the client, we determine whether we will be able to support him so that he can achieve the assumed goal. The M&A process is a time-consuming and comprehensive task involving many resources, significantly affecting the daily life of the company. That is why we divide each cooperation into stages. The organization is not always ready to start the process. We cooperate on a strategic level with the management and owners. We pay particular attention to discretion and confidentiality in conducting the process.
How do we settle our cooperation?
Our fee depends on the role entrusted to us. :
Brokerage service - the resulting commission
Consulting service - result commission plus remuneration for the time spent
Comprehensive process management - the resulting commission + coverage of the necessary costs to carry out the correct process.
Who will work with you?
Complex and complicated processes require a broader view. We form a process committee. Team work is effective. In addition to internal specialists, we cooperate with proven and experienced experts. Industry experience is the key to selecting an advisor.

risk ≠ control

We have been in the M&A industry since 2000, we started as a partner of a German consulting company. We participated in over 50 projects in 7 different countries. We work in a small team; there are practitioners and entrepreneurs. We believe that we understand the business well. We know that factual preparation and risk minimization is important. Thanks to the experience gained, we understand what is important and how to conduct the process so that our clients achieve their long-term goal.

We are happy to share knowledge and use the knowledge of others. We work with external advisors, law firms, banks, PE / VC funds and private investors. We provide our services regardless of the industry, throughout Europe. We believe in intelligence, strategy and discipline.


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Agata Bagińska

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We respect the privacy of our clients. Below are selected references for which we have the authors' consent for publication. Discretion is very important to us, we do not provide valuable information to everyone.

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